About Us & Our Team

About us

Smith Game Calls (SGC) was founded in 2016 by Steven and Tessa Smith. Steven grew up hunting and passed on his passion for the wild to Tessa. The company foundation is based on wildlife conservation, respect for the outdoors and providing for our family. Steven grew up with a natural talent for being able to call animals into close range, so what started out as his hobby has turned into a brand. Smith Game Calls will continue to grow in the pursuit of making affordable, quality game calls for all hunters.


Our Team


Cam Strachan- I grew up in a small town in the West Kootenays where hunting and fishing was a way of life. After moving to Kamloops and finishing university, my passion for the outdoors has only grown fonder. I am now a guide by contract and have been fortunate enough to hunt and guide all over British Columbia and Northern Alberta.

Kyle Sinclair-Smith- I was born and raised on my families ranch in the foothills of Alberta. Not only does my family ranch, but we also own and operate an archery only outfitting business. I have been bow hunting big game since I was twelve and I have been a professional guide since I was eighteen. Elk and mule deer quickly became my passion for both hunting and guiding. Being able to hunt these animals from the ground and be aggressive is right up my alley. Ever since I took my first bull elk at fourteen years old, every September I take to the Alberta foothills to chase the scream.



Brad Desjarlais- Brad began his elk hunting journey in 2005 and every September since has taken full advantage of the world class elk hunting opportunities in northern Manitoba. If there is big elk to be found, you can trust Brad to find them and if you’re looking for Brad in the fall the only place you need to look is the elk woods. 

Scott Balfour- There is nothing I love more than being outdoors and exploring. Growing up in a small town in the west Kootenays has offered me endless potential for hunting. After work I cant wait to get out scouting, especially for big bulls. My favorite hunts are cats in the winter and back country elk and my go to game calls are the “herdbull” and the “yellowjacket”

Dana LeeAnn- My father began my hunting journey far before I could read or write. Hunting has been a passion my entire life. Over the last few years, my love for hunting has exploded and expanded in ways I never thought possible. Bow hunting has ignited a fire within me and I can’t be stopped. I have so many journeys ahead and Colorado offers me an outdoor adventure every day.


**Disclaimer to our Team Members Only:

Any company costs paid by Smith Game Calls for team member trips, meals, hotels, etc. are fully repayable to Smith Game Calls within one year. If you choose to leave the team prior to one year passing you are responsible for full reimburse of business expenses.

Thank you – Smith Game Calls Ownership.